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Anxiety anger and depression are normal natural emotions to have, channelled correctly they can help guide us, the problem comes when they overwhelm us and create difficulties in our lives.

It is understandable and natural to feel anxious about some things like going for a job interview or doing something you haven’t tried before. It may even be the case that this is good for you to feel the accomplishment after doing these things, for people with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, and Severe Anxiety Disorder doing even the simplest things can be difficult challenging, even impossible.

Anxiety can be very restricting, it drips and pours fears into us, some of which may seem utterly unreasonable to the outsider, even ourselves, as we trudge our way through daily life just trying to function. It can feel like we are handcuffed, restricting our life, controlling us, even defining us.

We may learn to look on it as a way of keeping ourself safe, but these walls that keep us safe are fears; fears of what may happen, fears of the past, fears of the worst-case scenario, even fears of our fears. It can lead to frustration, self-deprecation, anger, self-loathing, despair and depression. A scared disabled bundle of anxieties who always has to find excuses in an overbearing world of seeming high achievers lost alone and handcuffed by our own self.

In a world of constant movement and high demands, of having to measure up, where people don’t have the time or space to notice you, or what it is like to be anxious about the “little things” it can be easy to get sucked into deeper and deeper feelings of despair, loneliness and isolation. No one seems to know what to do to help or make it better, we can feel we are only left with our Anxieties for company.

Having had a lifetime of Generalised and Severe Anxiety I understand personally how debilitating this can be, and that you are even here reading this gives me a sense of wanting to tell you that you are doing great.

If I tell you that you don’t have to be handcuffed by anxiety anymore, that you can move forward, you can do the things you want to, free of anxious thoughts trying to prevent you. How would that feel?

Learning to accept just where you are right now is ok, that your feelings are just trying to guide you to a safe place, that anxiety is learnt subconscious patterns that can be changed, working together in a safe non-judgemental place we can get you to a place where you can begin to enjoy life, maybe even for the first time.

So maybe just acknowledge that you are here reading this, that you have decided things need to change, and you have made a big first step in making that change. However, you can either by text, email, or phone call know that I am here when you are ready and that I will treat you with upmost care compassion and support and respect, and a huge amount of admiration. Together we can move you to a life of empowerment accomplishment and happiness.

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