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We know that feelings of loss and grief can happen when someone we know passes away, but we can also feel these when something in our life leaves us too. Losing our job, home, relationship, our beloved pet, can also leave us feeling bereaved and maybe even abandoned, and the events can be as powerful and difficult to overcome.

The process of grief is not set, it is an individual journey and sometimes it can never be fully let go of, that isn’t what we want, to let go. Learning to live with what we have lost is the best we can hope to achieve.

Time itself is not a great healer, as we may often be told it is at these times. Time does however, allow us the opportunity to have a different relationship with what we have lost, one where we can accept it and learn to live with it, somehow changing our position to one of allowing ourselves to feel how we do, and living with what has happened.

Another thing we may be told is to allow ourselves to move on. This too can be unhelpful at these times to hear, what we need more than anything is empathy and an understanding of our pain and anguish which is after all, unique to us, as well as some space to grieve, openly if we need.

Counselling can offer you that space, a safe open space of empathy and non- judgement. I will not try to move you on, or to push you to get over your feelings of grief, I will not tell you what to do, I will offer you a safe empathic environment to just let it out. Talking about your feelings at this time can really help. Knowing you are not alone and can safely express your feelings and thoughts can help a lot.

I am here for you.

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