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 Counselling helps  by providing a safe and confidential space where you can talk freely about whatever is going on for you.

I will listen to you with understanding empathy and care as we discuss your situation within an unconditional positive environment, creating a safe and supportive place for you to explore your situation and yourself. This can be hugely beneficial in allowing you to see more clearly what is going on and what needs to change. And, importantly, how to change things. 

Counselling is extremely helpful and positive, it creates a unique relationship which can empower and enable understanding and change. 

 I believe it is every persons right to be able to receive counselling, regardless of whatever their circumstances are, and aim to offer that as best as I can.

 As we all are starting to understand our mental health better and its importance in our lives, counselling can be a great way to explore, discover, and make changes to help create and maintain a healthy, balanced and stable mental health.

Counselling: About

Couples and Online Counselling


Couples Therapy

The aim of Couples Counselling is to create an environment where you can openly discuss what is going on for you both, enabling you both to feel heard and understood. Helping you to explore your relationship and find what things need to change, and how to change them. As with all counselling It requires a willingness to be open and honest with yourself and your partner, as well as a desire to explore yourself and your relationship. It is not a quick fix, it is however a platform to start exploring, (re)building and (re)discovering yourselves and your relationship, which can be very powerful. With Intent and commitment it can be really useful in bringing the changes that are required.

If online Counselling appeals to you I also offer Counselling through online video/webcam via a safe and secure platform called Zoom. You may feel more safe and able to open up by meeting in this way, or you may feel restricted by time or distance. Meeting Online allows us to be face to face which will enable the therapeutic process to flow in a similar way as meeting in person. It does require you to make for yourself a safe and quiet place free of interruptions where you will not be overheard  and have a safe and reliable device with a webcam.

Counselling: Services

Online Counselling



Understanding            Congruence       



              Unconditional Positive Regard                Support                Listen Without Judgement   

                      Compassion   Kindness   


Confidentiality                        Honesty                   Openness               Listening   Therapy       


   Counselling         Help 




Experience            Professionalism    

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