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Couples Counselling

The aim of couples counselling is to create an environment where you can openly discuss what is going on for you both. This will enable you the space to both to feel heard and understood, helping you explore your relationship to find what things need to change and, how to change them.

Communication is often the biggest issue within relationships, coming for couples therapy can help rediscover that ability or find it for the first time. It is so important to be able to openly discuss and be heard and understood. The safe space offered in this environment can help enormously with this.


As with all Counselling, it requires a willingness to be open and honest with yourself and your partner, as well as a desire to explore yourself and your relationship.

It is not necessarily a quick fix, it is however, a platform to begin exploring, (re)building, and (re)discovering yourselves and your relationship.

With intent and commitment, you can grow together and bring the changes that you both need.


Relationships are by their nature, challenging, quite often all the challenges coming from everyday life can move our attention away from our partner, and we can lose sight of the connection. Communicating and maintaining focus is key to keeping the relationship fresh, coming into a safe place and talking openly can help bring focus back to the relationship.

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