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Law Of Attraction
The Subconscious Mind

Understanding how your subconscious patterns and beliefs create your life experiences can empower you.

Knowing you are not a victim of circumstance, that you are in control of your actions and reactions, can bring about inner changes that then reflect on your outer lifer experience too.

In our western culture we are led to believe in hard work being the only way to achieve, that luck plays a big part in life, that we are who we are and cannot change, that outside experiences create our lives, we just react to them. These general beliefs along with personal beliefs about us, create the experience of our life.

What if life was only a reflection of our general and personal beliefs about ourselves and life?

We know that the same event can happen to two people who can react to it in different ways. We know that some people who have had the same upbringing in the same environment can then lead very different lives. Proving in some small way that life is about perception, and if that is true, that nothing is actually fixed, then we can change our perception in order to change our life experiences.

I can help you understand and learn about your inner core beliefs, your subconscious belief structures that have in some ways created the life you’ve led. Learning about the energy of your thoughts and feelings and changing what you want to can transform your life experience outer and inner. More and more people are starting to understand about the role of their subconscious mind and how their thoughts and feelings create and emit and energy that is then returned through what is often termed the “Law of Attraction”.

As with all talking therapy, a willingness to explore and work on yourself is vital. It can be hard, challenging and difficult, but within the safe space of our Counselling, the benefits can be huge and life changing. Together we can explore, learn what needs to change and change those troubling beliefs into positive ones, creating a whole new experience of life in a more positive light for you.

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