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Loneliness & Isolation

In this fast-paced world of self-preservation, it can be easy for us to feel we have fallen behind somehow or that the world doesn’t have a place for us, especially during these difficult times of forced restrictions. Loneliness and Isolation can easily become overwhelming and unwelcome companions.

Loneliness is not always just about being with someone, it can be about being with the right person or people. We can live in the middle of a bustling city and feel lonely. We can be in a relationship and feel lonely.

In this noisy world we can feel we are not meant to look within us for comfort, that we are to seek pleasure and comfort outside of us, from doing and having things. This can lead to a disconnect from what we really need within us to feel happy in our life.

Learning about yourself through counselling, the things you need, listening to your feelings as your inner guide, can provide a more secure platform in which to bring things to you internally and externally enabling you to find some fulfilment within first.

This will mean you are less controlled by outside influences and can choose what is best for you to be happy enabling you to Connect with the right people.

If, however you feel talking with someone regularly who doesn’t know you personally but will offer a supportive and non-judgemental place to open up, then I am here for you. I cannot offer emergency help, but I can offer a regular safe time just for you to talk. This is after all, talking therapy.

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