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Mental Health

As a whole, we are starting to understand more about mental health and its impact on our lives, however there is still for me, a long way to go.

Its vital that we understand that we all have a mental health, constantly. Sometimes it’s well balanced and sometimes it is not, it can be a simple as that. There can be a huge range within this, just like physically having a slight cold is very different to having an incurable disease, and nicking our finger on a cooking knife is very different to breaking our leg, or damaging our spine. Our mental Health can be seen in a similar way, we may have a day when we are just feeling a little down, to a time when we are feeling suicidal. There are extremes within the ranges in both our physical and mental health bodies.

Knowing that it is ok to notice and look at our mental health in a similar way we have looked at our dietary and physical health for so long would be a great place to start.

Looking at our environment, our actions and our internal reactions to life can help us understand more about how we work, and what we need to achieve a balanced mental health.

Although I cannot offer emergency help with regards your mental health, I can offer you a safe caring and supportive place to explore and make any changes to your inner and outer life that will help you achieve a well-balanced mental health in general.

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