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5 natural ways to quickly lift your mood.

Here are 5 ways to quickly improve your mood naturally. Movement, both physically and mentally are so important. The physical movement tells the brain to release chemicals that raise your mood, and mentally moving away from where you were/are, and taking your mind to a better place of accomplishment and movement will create momentum. So if you’re in need of a quick boost, try any of these following ways to quickly get you away from where you are and into a more positive state.

1; EXERCISE. Yes I know its the obvious one, but it really does help lift your mood. It doesn’t have to be too vigorous, anything that gets you physically moving with a little effort can help. Walking outside amongst nature will add the energy received from nature to the physical movement. Running, walking, or any hard exercise will all be good. if walking outside if difficult for you, then anything that moves the body inside the home will be good, vacuuming, cleaning, washing things, are all good. Not only does exercise improve our mood, in a metaphysical way, creating momentum of movement is really important.


Try and recall the last time something really great happened to you. Maybe something you did that worked really well, or having a happy time with someone else, listening to a favourite song, going somewhere nice. Anything that you felt happy about. Recall as best you can the event, the feelings, your thoughts, just let the feelings flow around you and stay there holding it for as long as you want. When you’ve finished realise that it was you that put you there.


We are social by our nature and talking with someone else however that is, can be hugely beneficial. Call someone, or send a few texts to friends or family, even if you haven’t been in touch for a while, people are usually happy to receive word from others. Just the movement of energy that comes from sending a text to someone getting us to think about them and knowing that we have contacted them, can lift our mood.


Find something nice and healthy to eat. Maybe a handful of fruit, raw carrot, or make a lovely big salad. Anything that is healthy will make you feel good usually. So go to the kitchen and dig out those colourful juicy nutrition boosters and fill your boots! 5; DO SOMETHING NEW

Think about something you haven’t done in a while, something you really enjoyed doing. Or better still, something you haven’t done before but always wanted to. It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to involve spending money or travelling too far, anything that made you feel good. Maybe make a plan, or try and do something you usually do, but do it in a different way. Like the exercise, just movement physically and importantly mentally, taking you away from where you were will help.

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