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How to begin to create the life you want and deserve

We can too easily become swept up with life as we focus on what we should be doing whilst grappling with life's every day challenges, but how much time do we actually spend looking at what we want our life to be like?

It can be a very useful idea to give yourself some quiet time to reflect on what you want your life to be like. So give your self some time with a pen and pad, or phone/tablet and think about what your life would be like if it was perfect for you. Do not let thoughts about how and when come to you, just let it flow. feel the feelings of actually living this life now.

some useful questions could be; where would you like to live? what would your dream home look like? who would you be living with? what work would you be doing? how would you be spending your days? what would your earnings be and how would your bank account look like? just go with the flow, allow yourself to wander around with this, feel the feelings, and BE there. write them down and when you've finished read them back and feel how good it feels to have that perfect life.

As many of us do not even do this, it can be hugely powerful for you to do and gain some insight on the life you really want. taking this forward it can be helpful to think of ways you are and are not moving towards those goals and find any ways that could help with it. small steps every day will be good. It is good to recognise the feelings you get when you think of these things as they are your internal guide. Seeing any resistant thoughts and feelings is good as they show the sub-conscious beliefs that have held you back in the past. So thoughts like " I don't deserve that" or " that can never happen" mean you do not believe it deep down. write out positive affirmations to counteract those repeating this as often as you can will help change those beliefs, beginning to create a space for your perfect life to come to you.

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