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We all have relationships, with the outer world we live in, with other people, and with ourselves. The most important one which is foundational for the others is the one we have with our self.

And yet this is the one that is so often neglected of our attention. Learning about our self can seem uncomfortable as we may not be used to it or been taught how to do it even. If we don’t learn to look within and provide our self with what we need to be happy and fulfilled we will look for that outside of our self in other relationships which can both disempower us and lead to frustration, anger and disappointment due to issues within those relationships brought about by our needs not being provided.

Coming for Counselling can help you learn about yourself, what your needs and requirements are, which ones you can find within yourself and which you need from other relationships. Putting you in a more stable place in which to enjoy all your relationships more fully.

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