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Rock Balancing

Spiritual Counselling

There are many aspects to Spiritual life. Counselling can provide a safe space to communicate these sometimes delicate and deep things that happen to us on our journey.

Belonging to a religious community and culture can provide a safe place to open-up and communicate what is going on for us internally. It can also provide boundaries that can be beneficial to our growth spiritually. These boundaries can also bring challenges as we may not feel we will be heard and understood fully.

In a wider culture that may not be so open to understanding or even acknowledging our spiritual life, it can be hard to find someone who we can open-up to.

Even though people in the west are opening-up to new ways of looking at our spiritual life, as one gets tired of searching outside of our self for the answers and begins the inner search for answers, it can sometimes feel a lonely place to be.

Having had a long and profound spiritual life, as I strive to gain more understanding and a closer connection with God, although not within a religion, I know how isolating and lonely it can be when you are experiencing things you feel no one else will understand.

Our experiences within and our journey are unique to us, whatever religion or spiritual belief we have. So if you feel you would like to discuss things on a spiritual level, know that I am open to do this within the confidential and non-judgemental boundaries that counselling offers. It would be a pleasure to spend time with you.

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